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Vyagoo Technology Co., Ltd. committed to embedded AI hardware and software solutions for the development, sales and service. Focus on video and AI, targeting specific hardware platforms, to provide highly optimized Linux underlying systems and BSP, while integrating the industrys leading industry application algorithms.

Vyagoo Technology has a complete supply chain integration capabilities, can provide customers from hardware and software design to hardware manufacturing, complete machine testing and delivery of complete product services . The R & D team comes from the founding team of the smart hardware system of the listed chip design company , more than 10 years of experience in the development of hardware and software systems for mobile devices , the creative team was originally listed chip company product manager, research and development leader and the founder of the supply chain IDH; Software systems that have been successfully delivered include: DingDong A1, Nintendo NES / SNES, Zaijia V1 and so on.

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Zhuhai R & D Center
Zhuhai hi tech Zone, Tang Jia Wan Town, No. 1, Tai Zhou Science Park, A area 517
Tel : 0756-3616211
Mr.He : 18666989592
E-mail : zhygkj@vyagoo.com

Shenzhen Office
Shenzhen Baoan District Xixiang Street Yantian community Jinhai Road Hui Chao science and technology building five layer 506-508
Tel : 0756-3616211
Mr.Bi : 13417786260
E-mail : zhygkj@vyagoo.com

Contact Us

Address 1: Zhuhai hi tech Zone, Tang Jia Wan Town, No. 1, 
Tai Zhou Science Park, A area 517
Address 2: Shenzhen Baoan District city streets Xixiang
Yantian Address: 2 Shenzhen Baoan District city streets 
Xixiang Yantian community Jinhai Huichao science and 
Technology Building
Tel : 0756-3616211
Mr.Bi : 13417786260   Mr.He : 18666989592
E-mail : zhygkj@vyagoo.com

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