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Image Processing Algorithm Engineer (multiple)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the migration and optimization of image-related algorithms;

2. Responsible for the development of mobile terminal image processing technology to solve the difficulties and key problems encountered in image processing technology;

Job Requirements:

1. Computer and related majors, 211 university degree or above;

2. Proficiency in C / C + + programming language, more than three years of image processing related work experience;

3. Familiar with OpenGL, Opencv, Opencl related technologies;

4. Familiar with computer image processing, computer vision and other multi-geometry imaging foundation

5. Android, ios development experience of priority;

Deep Learning Algorithm Engineer (multiple)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Mainly responsible for mobile device end target recognition, classification and other functions.

2. Deep learning algorithm research, implementation and optimization.

3. Deep learning algorithm embedded transplantation, optimization.

Job Requirements:

1. Familiar with caffe, TensorFlow and other deep learning framework.

2. Experience with algorithms for implementing and accelerating depth learning on mobile devices.

3. Engineering ability.

Android system development engineer (more)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for Android related software product development and maintenance;

2. Responsible for Android ROM development, customization, packaging, integration;

3. Participate in the modification and customization of Android Framework to provide support for APP application layer;

4. Responsible for the specific hardware for Android system customization and transplantation;

5. Responsible for Android ROM driver adaptation layer design, development and optimization.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, electronic engineering, communication and automation.

2. More than two years of Android development experience, a solid c / c + +, Java language foundation;

3. Familiar with Android system architecture, source structure, core mechanism and core services;

4. Can independently follow up and solve the problems in the code;

Familiar with common Android components, as well as UI, multi-threaded design, Socket programming;

6. Camera, multimedia codecs and other development experience is particularly good.

7. A certain degree of pressure, there is a positive attitude of openness.

Linux system and driver engineer (multiple)

Job Responsibilities:

1. To complete the development and design of Linux software system and related drivers;

2. Participate in the product development phase of the review and testing to ensure that products meet the design requirements;

3. According to the companys technical documentation management regulations, according to plan output technical documents of all stages;

4. To assist the production and market to solve the technical problems related to the site.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics or computer related, have a solid C / C ++ language foundation;

2. Familiar with Linux kernel principle, understanding file system, process management mechanism and memory management mechanism;

3. Linux Linux driver development and design and debugging experience;

4. Have a certain degree of hardware knowledge, a good analysis and problem solving skills;

5. Have a good ability to develop document writing;

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